Topic: ANGRY

Worry Doc Says: In the story "I Do Not Like My Sister" Scorn Boy Brother is jealous and angry because he thinks his parents like his sister better than him. So he plays mean tricks on Lizzy and fantasizes about killing her. But be careful Scorn Boy, "don't let the tail wag the dog!"

Viola says: Anger feeds on itself like a fire that spreads from one thought to another until it explodes. It can hurt you and other people. Just being able to identify it -- "this is 'anger'"-- can help to bring the fire under control.


Club Kid, Denise says: A girl in my ballet class called me fat in front of everyone. I feel like never eating again.

Andrew from the Blue Notebook Club, says: I invited George to my party Friday night, but he didn't pick me to play on his soccer team. I'm pissed.


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Response by: Raging Bull
Date posted: December 4, 13:39:36 1998
Topic: Anger
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Response:This kid at school is always picking on me so I finally hauled off and hit him. Now I'm being punished for it and he's making fun of me again. Which makes me even more angry, cause he's the one who started it.